Bernd Donabauer

like Brigitta Fiesel – a representative of subjective photography, nevertheless, he has found completely different approaches and means of expressing himself. In his works he combines the rationality of the construct with the subjective impression of the moment. While taking photos, he „plays“ his camera like a musical instrument by making use of body movements. The results are worked upon in his digital light room using traditional techniques.

„Everything is light, everything is colour, everything is movement“

With his works he transcends the illusion of solid matter and of perceivable point of view showing the real self of the world and of mankind – waves, particles, reflections, options, the fundamental fuzziness of space and time.

Brigitta Fiesel

has been working in the area of subjective photography and has developed her very own way of expressing herself in her focus area of architectural photography. She presents abstract and deconstructed versions of her photographic subjects by her deliberate choice of viewpoint, by dissection into fragments and by deliberate dismissal of traditional means of photography. In her digital light room she reconstructs her photographic subjects by forming composite images of her original material.

„The beauty of creation shows in the perfection of form“

This way, images are created that appear to be cubist, and in which the static state of the moment seems to vanish and in which different layers of space and time seem to be layered like different pieces of fabric.

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