Exibition of the Art Park Artists

In the Gallery of the Amada Colossos Resort on Rhodes →

The Journey Continues

Brigitta and Bernd are back on Rhodes in September 2018 with their photo workshop →

The Exhibition

Journey to the Light, Sep 4 to Sep 30 2016, Art Park / Archipoli / Rhodes / Greece


The Artists

Brigitta Fiesel and Bernd Donabauer

Two artists with common roots in subjective photography, two different views of the world, two different ways of expressing oneself – what a feast for the senses!

With their large-scale works Brigitta Fiesel and Bernd Donabauer show depict their journey to the light of the isle of nymph Rhode and god Helios.


Gallery Art Park

Gallery Representation

The Art Park is a gallery of fine arts, photography, sculpture and music. The Art Park is located on the beautiful island of Rhodes in the mountains behind the small village of Archipoli.

The Art Park is the gallery representation of Brigitta and Bernd and a wonderful destination for a trip.



Fine Art Available

The catalogue with a collection of Fine Art photograpies is in progress.


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