Bernd Donabauer

from 26.08.2019
to 23.09.2019

Gallery Art Park

Sing for us Muse
About the island of Helios
Washed around by salty waters
Rhode, the daughter of Poseidon the powerfull Earth-Shaker

Sing for use Muse
About Euridyce, Syrinx and all the other Nymphs
As much as they fought
They couldn't escape their fate

Tell us about it goddess, daughter of Zeus and just start somewhere

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Bernd Donabauer

is a representative of subjective photography from germany. In his works he combines the rationality of the construct with the subjective impression of the moment. While taking photos, he „plays“ his camera like a musical instrument by making use of body movements. The results are worked upon in his digital light room using traditional techniques.


Gallery Art Park

On the coast road between Rhodes and Lindos take the turn in the direction "Epta Pièges" (Seven Springs) and Archipoli in Kolymbia. Go past Seven Springs, the Monastery of St. Nektarius and Archipoli. Behind Archipoli on the left side of the road is the entrance to the Art Park.

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Admision to the Gallery


For Photographers

Taking pictures is permitted without restriction.

Gallery Art Park

Archipoli, Rhodos, Greece
T + 30 6972815547
E-Mail: artparkdamon@gmail.com

Opening Times in the Main Season

Daily: 10am–6pm



In the exhibition you can see und buy them in a small size studio photo print. If you are interested in a big size unique art print, please do not hesitate to contact me →

Exhibition Print

Handsigned and limited edition, No 01
Hahnemühle 500 g paper, 30 cm on the long site
Atenttion: Only available during the exhibition in the Gallery Art Park on Rhodes

Each picture

Euro 40,00

Studio Print

Handsigned and limited edition, No 02 to 10 / 10
Hahnemühle 500 g paper, 30 cm on the long site
inc. taxes, excl. shipping

Each Picture

Euro 80,00

Fine Art Print

Handsigned and limited edition, No 01 to 05 / 05
Hahnemühle canvas on stretcher bar, framed, variable size
inc. taxes, excl. shipping

Starting at

Euro 800,00


Kreativ-Fotoreise 2020 - Rhodos

Entdecke das Licht des Südens auf Rhodos

19. September bis 27. September 2020

7-Tage-Fotoworkshop "Kreative Fotografie"
Mentoren für diese Kreativ-Fotoreise: Brigitta Fiesel und Bernd Donabauer

Alle Informationen zur Kreativreise

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